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South Pacific

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South Pacific

The ocean is calling..

The South Pacific is a magic area of the world. It’s comprised of thousands of beautiful islands which are all individually unique in their cultural traditions, language variations, and culinary specialties. 

The largest islands comprise New Zealand – an outdoors and food/wine aficionado’s dream. Home to Middle Earth, stunning landscapes and the cool capital, Wellington. 

New Caledonia is a French territory and its capital, Noumea, charmingly blends French and island culture and sports the largest lagoon in the world. 

The Francophone influence continues in French Polynesia, of which Bora Bora is the picture-perfect, luxurious star. 

Tahiti has black sand beaches. 

Fijians will serenade you upon arrival and make sure you really relax. 

Tonga is the only Pacific nation to remain uncolonized so its culture is strong and diving here is dreamy. 

The Cook Islands also entice with their crystaline lagoons and Vanuatu is home to active volcanoes you can visit.