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Amtrak Vacations

A unique way to travel is waiting for you!

Amtrak prides themselves on being the “experience” way to travel. A hassle-free way to explore while providing comfort and convenience.

It’s no secret that train travel is the least utilized way to travel across the country, but in recent years, many are adding a railway vacation to their bucket-list.  Opting for the slow-paced, scenic route can be the perfect way to experience small towns and national parks across North America.

Some great benefits include:

  • Large windows, wide seats, and plenty of leg room
  • Free WiFi on most trains
  • Standard baggage policy of two personal items and two carry-on bags
  • Seating options such as coach class, business class, first class, and many routes offer a quiet car and private rooms
  • Onboard dining
  • no restrictions on moving around

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